Tuesday, June 30, 2020

(Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women & Girls)
She was here.
But you still made this decision.
She walked for a better life.
But you still made this decision. 
She ran in a world of obstacles with very little.
But you still made this decision.
She didn’t know your intentions.
But you still made this decision.

Titled: “CoCreator of Life and Keeper of Time”
Medium: Prismacolor Premier Pencils, Rapidograph Technical Pen, Koh-I-Noor Red, White, Burnt Umber, Green, Yellow-Orange, Ink Ultra Draw, Sumi Ink, Iwata Airbrush and Stencil, Pantalic Paper

©Ramon Shiloh/2020

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

DOB: June 16th 1970

By Ramon Shiloh

I would like to thank everyone for the Birthday shout-outs.
It was a reflective one, to say the least. 
I enjoyed the company of my amazing roommate with cool cats, and a garden I dig. 
My day was filled with what I enjoy doing...art. 
I spent the day reminiscing over old photos my younger brother posted throughout the day, which was brilliant and cringeworthy. 
My day was humbling. 
And at 50, it’s difficult understanding where the time went, or where its going. But I’m still here. That’s good enough for me.