Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Showcasing Art for Ravens Makes Gallery


Its an honor to host art at Ravens Makes Gallery in Sisters Oregon. They offered me three Maps to illustrate my personal stories, near and dear to my heart. I have many issues about the state of the world. Here's a sampling of my work debuting May 11th.  

WE ARE STILL HERE!...Limited Time

In the nature of things, all things are natural.

Yet, there is harmony we will never achieve due to

the foolish and short sightedness of mankind.

Burn the sun

Drown the waters

Halt the wind

Stop time

And stay young.

There’s nothing left to create.

Only to use and MANipulate.

--Ramon Shiloh

Western Meadowlark

(Artist Statement)

In 2021, the discovery of skeletal remains of Indigenous children throughout government influenced, christian established boarding schools continually confirm our horrific past and the ongoing effects of genocidal trauma.   This information is disseminated and spread quickly through social media; often without a framework for how to take-action.

Truth in history is becoming clearer each day.  And yet, environmental degradation, food shortage, housing insecurity, the disruption of access to sovereign foodways, ongoing violence against women and children, encroaching communities on Native lands, recategorization of laws to protect non-Native adjacent districts, these are all present due to the continual abuses done to Indigenous peoples of this country.  

Today’s American extremists loathe the strengthening of marginalized voices. U.S. History textbooks are still and increasingly being modified to provide singular 
caucasian perspectives.  These instances are then used as fodder and grandstanding in the political arena, while the country's youths are lied to about our true history.  Public officials strive to hide their ancestry and actions devoid of empathy or accountability through these acts of white washing. They believe to expose these truths is not only a sign of weakness, but a discredit to their forefathers who were unapologetic about their cultural affairs.  We need to continually integrate leadership that holds the vision necessary to build better futures for all peoples of these modern lands.

Let us all take action and push "truth in history" for our next generations. Our legacy is their legacy. 

                                                            --Ramon Shiloh

Medium: Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils and Sumi Ink

©Ramon Shiloh/Raven Makes Gallery/Homelands Private Collection 2023

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