Saturday, December 16, 2023

Ramon Shiloh/Native Arts & Culture’s Foundation 2024 Calendar

So honored to be part of Native Arts & Cultures Foundation’s (November) 2024 Calendar. Thank you NACF for giving me a platform to inspire and further my art journey for our community. 

✨GO to NACF WEBSITE to know more about their work and the people behind the foundation✨

✨NACF mission: “The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation advances equity and cultural knowledge, focusing on the power of arts and collaboration to strengthen Native communities and promote positive social change with American Indian, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native peoples in the United States.”

Monday, November 27, 2023

Official Poster and Line-Up for 2024 BIAMP PDX JAZZ FESTIVAL


The official line-up for the 2024 Jazz festival.

For more information about our venues hosting these performances, go to:

ARTWORK by yours truly.

Take care everyone!

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Ramon Shiloh/Native Arts and Cultures Foundation "Community Tours"

This month we hosted local Chef and Artist Ramon Shiloh (Mvskoke/Cherokee/Filipino/Black) and Chef Caitlyn Tuttle (Celiac + Allergy-Friendly Recipe Developer) for a food demonstration and mini talk as part of our Community Tours Series. Guests enjoyed a storytelling through food experience as Ramon took them on a journey of six beautiful dishes featuring First Nations Foods and teachings about foraging local seasonal ingredients, food sovereignty, and Indigenous food knowledge. Ramon shared about his own food journey and led a cooking demonstration of smoked sockeye salmon patties with Chippewa wild rice and salmon roe. He was assisted by Chef Caitlyn Tuttle whose culinary focus is on food accessibility.

Chef and Artist Ramon Shiloh (Mvskoke/Cherokee/Filipino/Black) 
Chef and Artist Ramon Shiloh in the Center kitchen.
Photos by Robert Franklin

Based in Portland, Oregon, Ramon is an award-winning author, illustrator, activist for Native youth, and multicultural chef. He was raised in Palo Alto, California amongst the Indigenous activist community of the bay area that was born from the Occupation of Alcatraz in 1970. His mother, June Legrand ‘Sukuybtet’ was a radio broadcaster, storyteller, educator, and social activist that surrounded him with Native perspectives and spirituality. Her gifts of guidance and education provided a foundation of connection that Ramon continues in his teachings today. His core values are focused on building healthy and empowering relationships which reflect our foodway systems and the need to share our Indigenous food knowledge in this ever-changing world.

We’re grateful to Ramon and Caitlyn for creating such a special evening for us and feeding everyone so much beautiful and delicious food. Stay tuned for upcoming Community Tours, which are free and open to the public each month, and feature fun opportunities to meet with our staff and connect with our community of Native artists and culture bearers.

NACF Staff lead the group on a tour of the building after the food demonstration.

Our work centers the belief that American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian artists and culture bearers are leading powerful conversations through creative expression, bringing valuable perspective to contemporary life, and inspiring healing across cultural divides. We are excited to expand access to these perspectives through increasing visibility of Native creativity at our new home – the Center for Native Arts and Cultures.



Saturday, August 12, 2023

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Ramon Shiloh Teams with "BJ's Bingo & Gaming" in Washington State to Honor Bertha Turnipseed (Puyallup Nation)

Founder of BJ’s Bingo and Gaming in Fife Washington, 93 year old Bertha Jane Turnipseed is a proud and respected family member of the Puyallup Nation, and has worked throughout her life, building a foundational structure to enhance her Family and Community. 

From Tobacco to fortunes she developed infrastructures of commerce, fighting systems and legislation to build security for those she loves. 

She is an honored Matriarch that has gifted stability through her dedication to ensure a higher and more fulfilling quality of life for her and her family. 

Ramon Shiloh honors Bertha in an upcoming mural; Winter 2023-'24 (Grand Opening of Ms. Janes Restaurant) in two parts:

1. Animals associated with each independent family member will be represented on the panels, in close association to their interconnectedness to the annual Canoe Journey in Puget Sound. 

2. Portrait of Bertha Turnipseed in traditional Salish hat, wrapped in a blanket in Shiloh's signature art style, is looking out amongst her People.  Included with her portrait, heritage baskets are represented in a sacred way, to honor the individual pathways while maintaining the tradition and foundation in which they originated. 

Photo by: Ramon Shiloh

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Teamed With Canadian Fashion Designer Anne Mulaire

Ramon Shiloh teamed with Manitoba Canadian Fashion Designer, Anne Mulaire to produce "Indigenous Legacy Feathers" for National Indigenous Peoples Day (June 21st). 

 Their mission behind this collaboration, is to "appreciate the diverse richness of our cultures and to respect one another". 
 The Feather Legacy print comes to life in the various stories of heritage, wisdom, and resiliency of all indigenous people. 
  •  The first feather stands for the Pacific and North Oceans, signifying the challenges we are facing in our waterways and our commitment to a better future. 
  • The middle feather showcases the collaborative spirit and beauty of Métis floral beadwork. 
  • The third feather represents Indigenous resilience, wisdom, and sacred life, with rituals for peace and contribution despite genocidal traumas. 

Each limited edition print, beautifully showcases Indigenous artistry while promoting eco consciousness. Wearable works of art that make a statement and honor our planet. The ink used on these tops is Oeko-Tex Certified.

To know more about this indigenous led fashion boutique, go to: 

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Showcasing Art for Ravens Makes Gallery


Its an honor to host art at Ravens Makes Gallery in Sisters Oregon. They offered me three Maps to illustrate my personal stories, near and dear to my heart. I have many issues about the state of the world. Here's a sampling of my work debuting May 11th.  

WE ARE STILL HERE!...Limited Time

In the nature of things, all things are natural.

Yet, there is harmony we will never achieve due to

the foolish and short sightedness of mankind.

Burn the sun

Drown the waters

Halt the wind

Stop time

And stay young.

There’s nothing left to create.

Only to use and MANipulate.

--Ramon Shiloh

Western Meadowlark

(Artist Statement)

In 2021, the discovery of skeletal remains of Indigenous children throughout government influenced, christian established boarding schools continually confirm our horrific past and the ongoing effects of genocidal trauma.   This information is disseminated and spread quickly through social media; often without a framework for how to take-action.

Truth in history is becoming clearer each day.  And yet, environmental degradation, food shortage, housing insecurity, the disruption of access to sovereign foodways, ongoing violence against women and children, encroaching communities on Native lands, recategorization of laws to protect non-Native adjacent districts, these are all present due to the continual abuses done to Indigenous peoples of this country.  

Today’s American extremists loathe the strengthening of marginalized voices. U.S. History textbooks are still and increasingly being modified to provide singular 
caucasian perspectives.  These instances are then used as fodder and grandstanding in the political arena, while the country's youths are lied to about our true history.  Public officials strive to hide their ancestry and actions devoid of empathy or accountability through these acts of white washing. They believe to expose these truths is not only a sign of weakness, but a discredit to their forefathers who were unapologetic about their cultural affairs.  We need to continually integrate leadership that holds the vision necessary to build better futures for all peoples of these modern lands.

Let us all take action and push "truth in history" for our next generations. Our legacy is their legacy. 

                                                            --Ramon Shiloh

Medium: Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils and Sumi Ink

©Ramon Shiloh/Raven Makes Gallery/Homelands Private Collection 2023

To know more about Ravens Makes Gallery go to their website here >>>WEBSITE