Tuesday, December 20, 2022

December Was a Tough Month...Visiting My Mother's Resting Place at Indian Canyon (Hollister California)

By Ramon Shiloh

This was a visit I needed to take in 2022. 
My mother's final resting place. 
She died in 1992.

Indian Canyon is where my mother passed.

Indian Canyon is nestled in the Gavilan mountain range, 15miles south of Hollister, CA.  During the 1700-1800’s, Indian Canyon served as a safe haven for local indigenous peoples who were being abducted/recruited/bribed/transported to the Missions by Spaniard missionaries.  

Ohlone peoples were able to traverse the territory into the secluded valley of Indian Canyon and thrived.  

Today, Ann-Marie Sayers and her daughter Kanyon Roods-Sayers, offers a safe haven for all Indigenous Peoples in need of land for ceremonial practices, and education at Indian Canyon

For more information about Indian Canyon Life, click the link below

Ann Marie Sayers shares thoughts about my mother.
These two clips are part of a five part interview that I'll share in due time. 

Thank you💓