Saturday, July 15, 2023

Ramon Shiloh Teams with "BJ's Bingo & Gaming" in Washington State to Honor Bertha Turnipseed (Puyallup Nation)

Founder of BJ’s Bingo and Gaming in Fife Washington, 93 year old Bertha Jane Turnipseed is a proud and respected family member of the Puyallup Nation, and has worked throughout her life, building a foundational structure to enhance her Family and Community. 

From Tobacco to fortunes she developed infrastructures of commerce, fighting systems and legislation to build security for those she loves. 

She is an honored Matriarch that has gifted stability through her dedication to ensure a higher and more fulfilling quality of life for her and her family. 

Ramon Shiloh honors Bertha in an upcoming mural; Winter 2023-'24 (Grand Opening of Ms. Janes Restaurant) in two parts:

1. Animals associated with each independent family member will be represented on the panels, in close association to their interconnectedness to the annual Canoe Journey in Puget Sound. 

2. Portrait of Bertha Turnipseed in traditional Salish hat, wrapped in a blanket in Shiloh's signature art style, is looking out amongst her People.  Included with her portrait, heritage baskets are represented in a sacred way, to honor the individual pathways while maintaining the tradition and foundation in which they originated. 

Photo by: Ramon Shiloh