Monday, May 30, 2022

“Unceded Kinship: Land, Place and People”. An Exhibition At The University Of Oregon June 1st-Sept. 9th

My (3) Art Prints and more will be on display at the University Of Oregon Knight Library, Circulation Lobby June 1st-September 9th 2022

🌿Thank you @melaninmvskoke for inviting me to this important engagement🌿

“Unceded Kinship: Land, Place and People seeks to honor the past, present, and future of Native and Afro descendent peoples by restoring and reviving our relationship to one another and to the natural world. Through holding and regarding kinship, solidarity, and community as sacred. By refusing the narratives of erasure, dehumanization, and subjugation. Finally, by envisioning a future rooted in Black Liberation and Indigenous Sovereignty! 

In partnership with UO Common Reading, Amber Starks (aka Melanin Mvskoke), University and Community stakeholders, and the University of Oregon Libraries, the Unceded Kinship art exhibition showcases Afro descendent and Native artists with connections to Oregon and their respective communities.  Unceded Kinship is a celebration of these artists contributions to the movements of Black Liberation and Indigenous Sovereignty and explores the ongoing conversations within and across Afro descendent and Native communities around decentering white supremacy and settler colonialism.  The exhibition personifies ways in which Native and Afro descendant peoples have built community and invested in kinship. 

The exhibition asserts that both movements are compatible technologies of resistance and futurity, and is a reminder that Native and Afro descendent peoples have always been the authors and architects of their liberation.  Ultimately, Unceded Kinship: Land, Place and People affirms the future for both peoples outside of oppression and subjugation, a future envisioned and built for them, by them!”


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