Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Time Capsule In Cassette Tapes

Two hundred pounds of tapes. Thousands of interviews, conversations, Pow Wow and political highlights my mother documented between 1982-1992*

At a time when Native voices didn’t have a platform, my mother (Chairperson of the South Bay Quincentennial Indigenous Council and Radio Producer at KKUP 91.5 FM in Cupertino California), brought native voices to the radio waves and made sure they were heard. 

She caught the attention of every native voice you can think of.

After my mother’s death in 1992, i always knew they would see the light of day. 

Today, through digital streaming and social media platforms, my responsibility is to find a home for these tapes. 

Interviews include, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation Wilma Mankiller, Leonard Crow Dog,  John Trudell, Floyd Westerman, Charlie Hill, Dennis Banks, and so many indigenous luminaries to (proudly) have in my life. 

I’m proud to present these voices in a good way when I convert them from analog, to digital. 

This is an emotional time to reflect, and share these moments with everyone. Stay tuned.

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