Friday, August 5, 2022

I'm Guest Speaker For An Important Documentary

I'm thrilled to be invited to participate as "Guest Speaker" for this important online event happening today, Friday August 5th 2022.  


Meaningful Movies Project is a Non-Profit organization who helps communities organize and educate through forums.  They empower public discussions with every documentary film highlighted in order to build awareness and critically analyze local, domestic, and international social justice issues. 


In this conversation, Meaningful Movies Project teamed with high school students to experience the online screening of "INHABITANTS: An Indigenous Perspective".  The film "follows five Native American communities as they transform the fight against climate change with traditional land management practices. Such methods had allowed these populations to successfully live in the American climate before colonization disrupted their way of life. Now, many indigenous communities in the United States are reviving their ancient relationships with the land. The stories showcase movements across the country, such as sustaining traditions of Hopi dryland farming in Arizona, restoring buffalo in Montana’s Blackfeet reservation, maintaining forestry on the Menominee reservation in Wisconsin, reviving native food forest in Hawaii, and using the Karuk tribe of California’s prescribed fire techniques. The urgency of the climate crisis has led to many turning to the past and relying on practices by North America’s original inhabitants."


I was not part of this documentary.  Due to my extensive involvement in the space of food sovereignty, sustainable agriculture, and Native activism I was asked to contribute and speak to the environmental and cultural concerns presented in this film. Very proud to partner with Meaningful Movies Project in the fight for education and advocacy in order to keep breathing life into our ancestral knowledge and applying the salve of Native perspective to the modern world.  

6:30 PM, Friday, August 5, 2022 (PST)

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