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Ramon Shiloh is an American award-winning author, illustrator, activist, and multicultural Chef of Black, Filipino, Creek, and Cherokee descent.

Born in Palo Alto California in the middle of the Occupation of Alcatraz 1970 he grew accompanying his mother, June ‘Sukuybtet’ Legrand, as she built friendships with countless luminaries and communities of people.  As a radio broadcaster, storyteller, educator, and social activist, his mother surrounded him with Native perspectives and spiritual belief systems.  After his mother’s passing in 1992, Shiloh picked up her mantle and dedicated himself to engagement in Native communities where he remains devoted to this day; “this is simply our way of life”.


Shiloh has spent his lifetime forging alliances throughout urban and rural environments.  He has volunteered at educationally focused non-profit organizations for over three decades as a writer, artist, and instructor to create insights, extend knowledge, and expand distributable tools related to the mediums of Art, Food Sovereignty, Writing, and the Spoken Word.  Shiloh’s capacity to relate to diverse audiences, while maintaining and enhancing his cultural integrity, demonstrates his words in action and completes the lessons for all those in which he invests.


In regard to his dedication to Native and non-Native youths Shiloh states, “As a mentor, I want to help them identify the process, structure, and technique of Storytelling in their everyday lives. Children have had a difficult run expressing truthfully their fears, accomplishments, or dreams in a socially-awkward-networked world. I want to guide them in trusting their instincts and holding ownership of their actions.”   Utilizing this philosophy, he contributes perspectives that help develop experience, knowledge, and their over-arching relationship-to-self to grow in authentic, individual, and unique expressions.

A foundational achievement was born when Shiloh partnered as an illustrator with author and storyteller Gerald Hausman to produce the award-winning Wisdom Tales book: The Otter, the Spotted Frog & the Great Flood; a mythical story based in America before humans existed on earth, with animal characters and a great flood that ends with the creation of First Man and First Woman in a very surprising way. The book has won three Midwest Book Awards (Gold Medal in the category “Illustration: Graphic,” and Silver Medals in the categories “Children’s Picture Books” and “Total Book Design”) and won the 2013 ForeWord Review “Book of the Year” Bronze Medal Award in the category “Picture Books, Early Reader.”

Ramon’s collaborative nature has broadened his accomplishments and continues to positively influence others.  Notable works have included: acclaimed Storytelling at planetariums, fairs, museums, comedy venues; documentarian in music journalism; graphic novel illustrations; creator and contributor to various expressions such as “Guidance Through an Illustrative Alphabet”, “The Corn Whisperer”, multicultural magazine titled “ColorsNW”, “THE ALPHABET MONOLOGUES, multimedia experience “Star Story Sessions”, “The Art of Comedy Collection” at the Hollywood Improv, “Pathways to Freedom 2000: A Trail of Tears” for Rosa Parks and her associated influences, “Young Native Voices Theater Education Project” at Red Eagle Soaring Youth Theater; hosting a Chef’s Table at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of The American Indian in Washington DC; and more. 

The collective influence of these experiences with incredible mentors, communities, perspectives, initiatives, and stories has shaped Shiloh’s worldview.  They continually teach him how to better bridge the urban-native gap from social commentary to realized action.  He is defined by his contributions of productive thought, perspectives, Storytelling, art for our souls, food for our bodies, grace of the written word, boundless love, and so much more.  Shiloh’s goal is to honor his life’s path, as well as the legacy of June’s work, and continue building better partnerships of understanding the Native way. 


Look out for his upcoming telling of Constellation Stories through his creation “Star Stories for Little Dreamers.”

 “I reflect knowledge and observations of Native life

With respect and dignity to All”


Ramon Shiloh


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